Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The time capsule that is Mom's closet - pt. 3 - 1950s

Here's the third in a series of posts about my clothing I found at my Mom's house.  

This beautiful 1950's dress is made of the heaviest satin I have ever seen and is lined in a stiff pelon.  This is probably the frock that really made me realize what 1950's clothing can do for a girl's figure.  I felt like a queen in this dress. 

This dress was a Valentine's Day present from my boyfriend in 1993.  (I wonder if he has a google alert set up for his name?  Let's try it, Jim Ekberg.)  I'm not sure how I had the balls to ask that a dress be purchased for me, especially one that cost the princely sum of $30.  Maybe I had been watching too many old movies where sending a dress over to your date was the norm or something.   We both worked at the same place for a meager $4.35/hour.  I hope I was at least a vaguely good girlfriend to get such a generous present.   

Now that I'm really thinking about it I DID spend February 14th, 1993 seeing Screeching Weasel play at McGregors.  So I guess I couldn't have been too awful.  

I only vaguely remember wearing this dress once to the theater with my mom.  With a boyfriend who took his girlfriend to a punk show on VD, I guess that isn't that surprising.

Looking at this dress today I'm amazed at the quality and absolutely shocked and disappointed that it doesn't have a label.

I'm having a ball writing about these old dresses, I think I might need to go take pictures with an actual camera.  

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