Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For one brief millisecond my house was clean.....

......and its messy again!  But at least I took a moment to take a couple of pictures to prove it actually happened!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Winds in the east...............Mist coming in................

Like something is brewing, about to begin.

So much has been going on lately, not all of it I'm ready to spill the beans about.   Its not far from 10pm on a Sunday night and I'm posting this from my garden where I just finished planting flowers.   Most of my best gardening gets done after dark.

Off to give myself a serious scrub down.  I'm covered in dirt and compost.

This next week is going to be crazy busy and crazy awesome.  I can't wait!

Thanks Mary Poppins for the fab lyrics.

Friday, May 21, 2010

40's Shoe Stash...or....Why I Can't Breathe Right

Erin and I went digging at an estate sale yesterday and came home with some treasures.  Among them, some beautiful 1940's shoes that had been hidden away in a drawer for 60 or so years.  I'm absolutely fascinated by the style and the shapes.   What I would do to have these in my size (they are all 6 1/2)

The owner was definitely a woman after my own heart.  Besides saving what seemed to be every piece of clothing she had ever owned, we share a bad habit.  When switching purses she simply grabbed what she needed out of it at that exact moment and left the rest.  Just like I do.  Its odd to be going through someone else's purses full receipts and kleenex when I have enough of my own at home.

Also, I inhaled so much "age" in the apartment that I'm still not breathing quite right.  I'm convinced that what I need is a bit of medicinal tequila, perhaps with some salt and lime.  :)  Maybe after the kid goes to bed.

Rompers, Playsuits & Jumpsuits.... OH MY!

  No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to pick a favorite, they all are so darling.

1. The 1970s leotard and skirt set is a sleeper on a hanger and a jaw dropper on a body.  

2. Heavily influenced by the 1930s and 1940s, this 1980s jumpsuit can transform any girl into a pin up queen. 

3. Nothing says class like hot pink denim accented with gold studs and rhinestones.

4. A terry cloth romper is a standard, but the front zipper and neck tie makes this outfit a stunner.  

Which is your favorite?

All of these and more now available on ebay at BomshellShocked.  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DuSable Museum - Black Panther Exhibit.

Today, William, Erin and my sister, Jeni, went to the DuSable Museum to see the Black Panther Exhibit.  The combination of vintage clothing and Chicago History made it a must do.   Above, William contemplates Cherrios in the shadow of Fred Hampton's jacket.

I loved seeing my silhouette reflecting in the poster that William is looking at.  On the right is a picture Erin took of William and I walking past Fred Hampton's door. 

Erin and Jeni.

William didn't have the patience to read and admire every artifact so we went and played in the park while Jen and Erin looked around the rest of the museum, including the Bronzeville exhibit which had tons of music memorabilia.  As much as I wanted to examine everything, the kid would rather spend his time climbing through the crotch of a tree and watching a digger dig and a dumper dump across the street.

FIELD TRIP! A few of my favorite things!

I'm frantically getting ready for a day out with the girls (and my favorite little guy!)

It'll be a combination of some of my favorite things:

*Historic Clothing
*Chicago History
*Things they don't teach you in school
*Foods that aren't on my diet

It's a sunny day and I'm ready for fun!

Hopefully I won't forget my camera so I can share pictures.

Listing on ebay will just have to wait another day.  (But if you see something you want, let me know and I'll get to it quicker!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A glimpse of things to come.....

New items! New items!  They aren't quite listed yes, but the pictures have been taken!
More great outfits from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A WARNING about GILT- Price Inflation!

I'm sure I'm not the only one that shops on  Gilt occasionally.   This weekend they were having a "sale" on Threadless shirts.  Gilt had the original price listed as $54, and marked down to $24.     As some of you might know, Threadless shirts retail for $18, and you can regularly buy them through their site directly for $10, sometimes even $5.


By chance, my friend John was in there today and asked if there was a difference in the shirts that were being sold (like higher quality or something)  NOPE.  Same thing.  They said that the difference in the price IS WHAT GILT CHARGES.  

Goodness knows what else they are inflating the retail price on!!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vintage Style and Beauty Fair in CHICAGO!! FREE COCKTAILS!!

OK Ladies, here's your notice to hit up the ATM.   The Vintage Style and Beauty Fair is just over a week away!

Get there early because I'M BUYING my first 10 friends (or friends of friends) a cocktail!  Yes Ladies, FREE BOOZE!!

I've been socking away some goodies for this event, you won't be disappointed!  Besides my pretty dresses from ebay, I have lots of frocks that will be making their first public appearance including some great 50's sheath day dresses, pretty little nightgowns and party dresses!  PRICED TO SELL.

What I'm most excited about is the participation of Marsha of Apparel From The Past.  She has a great store in Michigan, but will be bringing her goods into our fair city.  Seriously.  Click on the link, look at those racks of clothes and display of shoes and just try to make an excuse not to come.  

Sunday, May 16th
11:00 - 6:00
Debonair Social Club
1575 N. Milwaukee

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NEW Listings at BombshellShocked

New items up today!  

1950's Gingham rockabilly party dress S

1950's-1960's purple sequined sheath dress L

1980s red and white sequins party prom dress S

1970s Floral halter top S M 

Click here to Shop BombshellShocked

Thanks, Erin for being such a great model.  Check out her etsy listings at Psycho Surplus

The time capsule that is Mom's closet - pt. 3 - 1950s

Here's the third in a series of posts about my clothing I found at my Mom's house.  

This beautiful 1950's dress is made of the heaviest satin I have ever seen and is lined in a stiff pelon.  This is probably the frock that really made me realize what 1950's clothing can do for a girl's figure.  I felt like a queen in this dress. 

This dress was a Valentine's Day present from my boyfriend in 1993.  (I wonder if he has a google alert set up for his name?  Let's try it, Jim Ekberg.)  I'm not sure how I had the balls to ask that a dress be purchased for me, especially one that cost the princely sum of $30.  Maybe I had been watching too many old movies where sending a dress over to your date was the norm or something.   We both worked at the same place for a meager $4.35/hour.  I hope I was at least a vaguely good girlfriend to get such a generous present.   

Now that I'm really thinking about it I DID spend February 14th, 1993 seeing Screeching Weasel play at McGregors.  So I guess I couldn't have been too awful.  

I only vaguely remember wearing this dress once to the theater with my mom.  With a boyfriend who took his girlfriend to a punk show on VD, I guess that isn't that surprising.

Looking at this dress today I'm amazed at the quality and absolutely shocked and disappointed that it doesn't have a label.

I'm having a ball writing about these old dresses, I think I might need to go take pictures with an actual camera.  

The time capsule that is Mom's closet - pt. 2 - 1930s

Here's the second in a series of posts about clothing I found at my mom's house.

I wore this vintage 1930's house dress a lot in high school.  It has the sweetest puffed sleeves, a ruffled collar, functional buttons down the front and a waist cinching sash.  It is truly magic.  One of the most flattering dresses I have ever owned.  I know it doesn't look like a lot here, or in person from that matter, but on the body it just does everything right.

I bought it at a Salvation Army in Chicago that I loved at the time (long gone now).  I remember I used to love it because it was dirt cheap and full of vintage.  I used to leave with garbage bags full of clothing for $20.

From the moment I bought it, it was on its way out.  The fabric was deteriorating and would rip every time I wore it, but I really didn't care.  I'd just keep some safety pins in my bag and stitch it up when I got home.

The most memorable place I ever wore it was in 92 or 93 to a video shoot for the band Tub Ring , in some odd space by North Park Mall in the Chicago suburbs.    I remember spending a good part of the evening being talked up to some guy whose necklace I liked.  It was a Fimo clay and crystal monstrosity.  He liked me, I liked the necklace.  I left with the necklace and I never saw him again.  I felt bad afterwards, and I still kinda do.  Man did I behave like a little snot.

The time capsule that is Mom's closet - pt. 1 - 1920s

Yesterday I was alone at my mom and dad's house with 45 minutes to kill.  They only have broadcast tv, my cell phone was low on juice, and mom only subscribes to crappy magazines.  So I started going through the closet in my old room.

What a trip down memory lane!  Compared to when I lived there, there is very little of my stuff left, but what was there was a timeline of my fashion history and my love of vintage.    Sorry the pics are crappy, all I had was my camera phone, but you'll get the idea.

Above are 2 1920's dresses.  The green one on the right was purchased first, in about 1993-4.  There was a booth in an antique mall in St. Charles that I was infatuated with for years.  I used to go and talk to the owner for hours on end.  She was a wealth of knowledge but a bit odd.  She scarred me for life as far as picking for dealers.  I remember bringing in a pair of deadstock white 1960's gogo boots hoping to make a little money.  I was a shy college girl, she was a professional.  I was hoping for $10-15 she offered me $5...or so I thought....  I've never been the kind of girl that drives a hard bargain.   I agreed.  She opened up the cash register and she handed me a nickel.  She was serious.  I was creeped out.  I never went there again.

The black velvet dress on the right I bought in about 1994-5.  I found it at a thrift in Chicago hidden under a bunch of nightgowns.  That day I learned an important lesson about thrifting:  ALWAYS LOOK THROUGH THE NIGHTGOWNS.  Every  1920s dress I have ever found has been in there, and a lot of other treasures too.  Usually under the ugliest robe.

I wore both of these items out quite a few times, but I never really found them terribly flattering.  I LOVED the idea of wearing real 1920's flapper clothes, but that fact was lost on everyone else.   Besides that I've always wanted a REAL 1920's cloche.  I've never owned one.  To this day I still want one.

Monday, May 3, 2010

FINALLY - Blackberry Farm!

The countdown is finally over, Blackberry Farm is open for business.

Located way the heck west of Chicago in Aurora, IL its a darling little living history park that features a carousel, historic buildings, pony rides, farm, and more antique and vintage farm equipment that you can handle.   Best of all, it has train and wagon rides!

The kid and I had a ball riding the train and wagon circuit for the better part of the afternoon.  Just before I left I was able to placate him with the player piano in the "saloon" part of the Early Streets museum so I could take a quick look around the other displays.  For those of you who are familiar with "Yesterday's Main Street" at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, this little park's display it puts it to shame!

I was sad that the ponies weren't open for business today, but the kid had enough to do anyway.   Where else are you going to get all of this plus UNLIMITED pony  rides for 6 bucks.

Its a definite "must do" if you're in the area and worth the drive if you're not!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ME On Chicago Looks!!

Yesterday Erin and I met up at the vintage sale at Heaven Gallery.  We had a great time looking at all the wonderful items for sale and I even picked up the cutest little 1950's Anne Fogarty dress for a song!

Lo and behold this morning I found my picture on the Chicago Looks blog!  Since I read all the time  it made me pretty darn happy.   Although if I thought I might be getting my picture taken, I might have combed my hair once I got of my bike or worn something a bit fancier!

Both photos are from their site.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey Vintage Sellers - Let's see the label!

Dear Fellow Sellers,

I'm not one to tell anyone how to run their business but this issue really gets to me, and stops me from buying. I HAVE to see the label.  No description of the label is a suitable substitute for a quick snapshot.  It really helps tell the story of the item and speaks volumes as to the age of the item.   C'mon ladies, just by looking at the labels above you can guess era of the item!

I understand that on etsy, sellers are limited to 5 pictures but in my opinion one should be the label.  Heck, if there were 2 pictures allowed I'd want the full front shot and the label.  

For more information about vintage labels check out the Label Resource at the Vintage Fashion Guild