Friday, July 24, 2009

When you need to be formal but want to go swimming....

The perfect swimsuit for formal occasions! I am in love with this 1950's Limited Edition Rose Marie Reid. It has a layer of sheer black lace over a nude colored swimsuit.

It is truly a head turner. I can just imagine sipping a cocktail by the pool with lucite spring-o-lators lying next to my lounge chair, a huge black straw cartwheel hat shading my face and rhinestone cat eye sunglasses to avoid being recognized by the paparazzi . Unfortunately, I just can't imagine chasing after William at the public beach in this so it is up for grabs on ebay. Shop BombshellShocked

Driving for Obama! But lagging behind....

So yesterday I spent 12 hours volunteering for Obama's visit to Chicago. A job which I decided couldn't possibly be done without pantyhose and pearls (which I forgot to put on). I was assigned to drive for the motorcade (WTF?!?! Me?!!?) and I spent the morning driving out to the airport with the other volunteers and picking up a fleet of white rental vans. When it came time to hear are assignments I found that me answering "I Do" to the question of "Do you know your way around the city?" meant that I was assigned to the Straggler car. The Straggler stays behind at each stop for an additional 15-20 minutes just in case someone missed the motorcade. Although an important position (so I told myself) that meant that I was to miss everything exciting for the entire day. While others got to go onto the tarmac and watch Air Force One land....I lagged behind. Driving 60mph on the shoulder past bumper to bumper traffic....lagged behind. Everyone one else getting THEIR PICTURE TAKEN WITH THE PRESIDENT....I was circling outside.

I kept reminding myself that I was there to work and do whatever was needed and I felt I completed my job successfully. Meeting Barack would have been the gravy for the day, I had plain ol' potatoes!

All the sitting and circling still had a bit more excitement than my average day listing on ebay and I would do it again anytime. I have 7 more years to have the chance!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out hunting for.....PANTYHOSE?!?! Big SECRET!

I'm in the process of packing up the kid for a day of retail shopping. Yes, there are some things I don't buy vintage.

On the top of the list is a pair of pantyhose. I can't even remember the last time I wore a pair of honest to goodness pantyhose. Tights, sure. Fishnets, absolutely. Stockings, occasionally.

I have big goings on tomorrow but I don't want to jinx anything yet. There is no question in my mind that such an occasion requires nude pantyhose. All will be revealed soon, but until then, keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Am I the only one that doesn't like etsy?

I love the idea, I love the fee structure, I love seeing kooky handmade items that I've never seen before, I even love the little "heart" thing.

What I cannot get over is searching. It is useless! I stop by every once in a while to try to unearth a fun treasure and I get sick of it almost immediately. Sure the little square pictures are cute, but the titles are all cut off and people seem to use the 3 most useless words for the first words of their their titles. The whole "tags" things makes sense in theory, but many sellers use tags that seem to have nothing to do with the item.

I know many see it as the future of selling vintage clothing, if it annoys me this much as a buyer, I can't deal with it as a seller.

As much as ebay has wrong with it, it is soooo much easier to shop for something specific.

Am I missing something? Please educate me! above from last weeks photo shoot. I just wanted to give y'all a little eye candy for reading my pathetic rant!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making Vintage Fashions Come Alive! Hooray for Models!

I'm so excited! This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Red Hot Annie and Maria May I , members of the fantastic burlesque troop Vaudezilla.

I had a ball working with these vibrant women, getting to see my clothing on actual people, chatting and snapping lots of pictures!

There is too much to do this afternoon and not enough time so I'll just leave you with one more teaser picture. Tomorrow the listing begins!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End of an Era - Saying Goodbye to the Lincoln

Sigh.....It truly is the end of an era. Our dear 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible is now for sale. No matter how you look at it, a beautiful boat like this just isn't practical for a city family with a young child. Hell, the damn thing wasn't even built with seat belts, much less a LATCH system.

In this beautiful car we toured the most glamorous cities in this country: Milwaukee! Madison! Indianapolis! Kenosha! Villa Park! Hayti!

Back in 2000 when I first met Sean I found out that he was 30 years old and NEVER had a driver's license. Shocked, I asked him what car would make him get one. He quickly replied "The Kennedy Car". A couple of weeks later we drove by a parking lot with a 1963 Lincoln Continental with a For Sale sign. SOLD! We were young, in love and had a little money to burn! Although we're not quite as young now and the money bush in the yard has shriveled up and died, thankfully the love is still strong.

While cleaning it out I came across a fortune cookie fortune that read "Romance and travel go together now". I love my husband more today than when we were married, but I will admit that an old Lincoln is much more romantic than a late 90's Mercury and as far as "travel" goes, does running out to Walgreens count?

Chicago Classic Cars, Inc.