Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End of an Era - Saying Goodbye to the Lincoln

Sigh.....It truly is the end of an era. Our dear 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible is now for sale. No matter how you look at it, a beautiful boat like this just isn't practical for a city family with a young child. Hell, the damn thing wasn't even built with seat belts, much less a LATCH system.

In this beautiful car we toured the most glamorous cities in this country: Milwaukee! Madison! Indianapolis! Kenosha! Villa Park! Hayti!

Back in 2000 when I first met Sean I found out that he was 30 years old and NEVER had a driver's license. Shocked, I asked him what car would make him get one. He quickly replied "The Kennedy Car". A couple of weeks later we drove by a parking lot with a 1963 Lincoln Continental with a For Sale sign. SOLD! We were young, in love and had a little money to burn! Although we're not quite as young now and the money bush in the yard has shriveled up and died, thankfully the love is still strong.

While cleaning it out I came across a fortune cookie fortune that read "Romance and travel go together now". I love my husband more today than when we were married, but I will admit that an old Lincoln is much more romantic than a late 90's Mercury and as far as "travel" goes, does running out to Walgreens count?

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