Friday, July 24, 2009

Driving for Obama! But lagging behind....

So yesterday I spent 12 hours volunteering for Obama's visit to Chicago. A job which I decided couldn't possibly be done without pantyhose and pearls (which I forgot to put on). I was assigned to drive for the motorcade (WTF?!?! Me?!!?) and I spent the morning driving out to the airport with the other volunteers and picking up a fleet of white rental vans. When it came time to hear are assignments I found that me answering "I Do" to the question of "Do you know your way around the city?" meant that I was assigned to the Straggler car. The Straggler stays behind at each stop for an additional 15-20 minutes just in case someone missed the motorcade. Although an important position (so I told myself) that meant that I was to miss everything exciting for the entire day. While others got to go onto the tarmac and watch Air Force One land....I lagged behind. Driving 60mph on the shoulder past bumper to bumper traffic....lagged behind. Everyone one else getting THEIR PICTURE TAKEN WITH THE PRESIDENT....I was circling outside.

I kept reminding myself that I was there to work and do whatever was needed and I felt I completed my job successfully. Meeting Barack would have been the gravy for the day, I had plain ol' potatoes!

All the sitting and circling still had a bit more excitement than my average day listing on ebay and I would do it again anytime. I have 7 more years to have the chance!


  1. You will get your rewards I feel it xx

  2. Oh no....while that's pretty darn awesome, I'm sorry you missed out on the rest! What a great thing to do !