Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making Vintage Fashions Come Alive! Hooray for Models!

I'm so excited! This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Red Hot Annie and Maria May I , members of the fantastic burlesque troop Vaudezilla.

I had a ball working with these vibrant women, getting to see my clothing on actual people, chatting and snapping lots of pictures!

There is too much to do this afternoon and not enough time so I'll just leave you with one more teaser picture. Tomorrow the listing begins!


  1. Gee I really miss riding my Vespa. At least she is usefull not running. Sigh!

  2. That Vespa is adorable!

    Oh stiff breezes are a scary thing in a Swirl. Once I do little alterations and get a nice slip for it I will post some pictures. But I think I might take a picture of the kittens now because they are so darn cute!

    The face painting will commence soon! My mom and I are learning together and then we start some gigs in September!