Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DuSable Museum - Black Panther Exhibit.

Today, William, Erin and my sister, Jeni, went to the DuSable Museum to see the Black Panther Exhibit.  The combination of vintage clothing and Chicago History made it a must do.   Above, William contemplates Cherrios in the shadow of Fred Hampton's jacket.

I loved seeing my silhouette reflecting in the poster that William is looking at.  On the right is a picture Erin took of William and I walking past Fred Hampton's door. 

Erin and Jeni.

William didn't have the patience to read and admire every artifact so we went and played in the park while Jen and Erin looked around the rest of the museum, including the Bronzeville exhibit which had tons of music memorabilia.  As much as I wanted to examine everything, the kid would rather spend his time climbing through the crotch of a tree and watching a digger dig and a dumper dump across the street.


  1. every single thing about today was awesome! although, perhaps we should have photographed the awesomeness of ribs 'n' bib, too.

  2. sounds like a cool exhibit...Love that last pic! Your little man is just too adorable!