Sunday, May 2, 2010

ME On Chicago Looks!!

Yesterday Erin and I met up at the vintage sale at Heaven Gallery.  We had a great time looking at all the wonderful items for sale and I even picked up the cutest little 1950's Anne Fogarty dress for a song!

Lo and behold this morning I found my picture on the Chicago Looks blog!  Since I read all the time  it made me pretty darn happy.   Although if I thought I might be getting my picture taken, I might have combed my hair once I got of my bike or worn something a bit fancier!

Both photos are from their site.


  1. awesome! That's quite the collection of bracelets (drool)!

  2. Hello gorgeous!! Hair, blouse, sooooo pretty. xoxo

  3. Fabu!!! Congratulations Mama. You look amazing, as you tend to often do!!!

  4. cheers for more days off + cocktails + vintage sales!

    perfect saturday!