Friday, May 21, 2010

40's Shoe Stash...or....Why I Can't Breathe Right

Erin and I went digging at an estate sale yesterday and came home with some treasures.  Among them, some beautiful 1940's shoes that had been hidden away in a drawer for 60 or so years.  I'm absolutely fascinated by the style and the shapes.   What I would do to have these in my size (they are all 6 1/2)

The owner was definitely a woman after my own heart.  Besides saving what seemed to be every piece of clothing she had ever owned, we share a bad habit.  When switching purses she simply grabbed what she needed out of it at that exact moment and left the rest.  Just like I do.  Its odd to be going through someone else's purses full receipts and kleenex when I have enough of my own at home.

Also, I inhaled so much "age" in the apartment that I'm still not breathing quite right.  I'm convinced that what I need is a bit of medicinal tequila, perhaps with some salt and lime.  :)  Maybe after the kid goes to bed.


  1. wowee, what a treasure trove. That first pair is especially swoon-worthy!! Hope the medicinal tequila does the trick!!

  2. omg Im a 6 and 1/2 I would kill for those!

  3. The first pair is my favorite too!

    Art*Deco*Dame - Perhaps we can work something out. I have to clean them up and assess their condition.

  4. Ooo... nice score! I wear a size 7, but would seriously consider removing a few toes if it meant I could squeeze my foot into those booties. *sigh*

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, btw. :)

  5. Nice stasharino for sure!! Yes, the top ones are totally amazing!

  6. Cindy - I'm a 7 1/2 and I did my best to cram my feet into the booties.

    Miss Matilda - I think so too!

    Kim - I looked through a ton of sewing stuff to try to find you something. She had a machine and tons of thread but no good buttons, patterns or fabric (at least by the time I got there)