Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wild West Adventure With My Good Luck Horseshoe

Yesterday we got the heck out of the city and headed to the far west burbs.

We hit the DuPage Children's Museum for some crazy run around fun.  So darn crazy that this pic is the absolute best one I took, out of 50.   The kid just doesn't like to look at the camera or stand still for more than a nano second.   To get this one I had to go behind the air sucking tube he was playing with, say a couple 'Hail Marys' and cross my fingers.  

He exhausted himself to the point that he asked to go to the car.  Nice.

From there we made a super fast trip into the mall.  I've had a $15 Disney Store gift card in my wallet since who knows when and I know if I don't use it I'll loose it.  I meant to use it for cocktails on my cruise, but I totally forgot.   So we headed into the store and the kid was over the moon.  He's obsessed with 'Toy Story' and with the movie coming out soon the store was stuffed with merch.  He picked out a large, plastic, noise making Buzz.   After the card was used it cost me $10.  A small price to pay  for what followed...........Shopping at THREE STORES with a happy kid.

I found some really cute dresses.  A few 50's does 80's sundresses and some true 50's pieces too, including a great purple floral print sheath dress with sequins and some shortie shorts. Not to mention an amazing 1940's wedding dress with a 30-something inch waist.  HOT STUFF!

Until a couple weeks ago I avoided taking the kid shopping.  Now I'm realizing that he's my little good luck charm.    If all it takes is an unbelievably annoying toy every few weeks, I think I'll pay the fee.  



  1. What a cute little dude you have! I know how it is with the annoying toys. I'll do anything to appease my little girl so I can shop for 10 more minutes! *lol* The things we do for vintage....xoxo

  2. Your day just fits perfectly into my world. I loved that I got to hear Poison while browsing your blog. So refreshing!

  3. Brittany - Thanks for the compliment. With the luck I had yesterday, I think I need to make space in my business budget for annoying toys. I believe they'll pay for themselves in the long run!

    Coedith - I love reading your blog. Your family life, especially the homeschooling, is really inspiring. I LOVE Poison and I believe that "Talk Dirty To Me" is one of the best rock and roll songs ever.

  4. hehe, sounds like the stars were aligned for you! Not too many tots beg to go to the car!!!