Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring in Chicago!

Spring has finally arrived here in Chicago and I couldn't be happier about it.  The kid and I have been spending our mornings in the back yards.  He plays with the hose while I swig coffee in a futile attempt to start my brain.

All the tulips are new to our yard.  They were haphazardly planted last fall, in the dark, while I drank beer.  I think they came out pretty nice.   Its so hard to find time during daylight hours to accomplish such a task.  My neighbors must think I'm insane.


  1. I think you have a lovely garden oasis! Your kidlet is adorable!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. BELIEVE me, there are MANY things that I look really scary bad in. The custom Nudeedudee creations are definitely working to emphasize the right bits, while providing eye trickery for the other bits ;) xoxo

  2. hahaha if I was your neighbor I would be like...Hey, got anymore beer and come over to help! :)


  3. Ha ha ha...we're lovin the pics of little dude!! Hee hee. I wish we could whisk away to an afternoon of lunch at Lula or Flo!

  4. Baroness - I find you an inspiration on a daily basis!

    Mary - You couldn't live on my block, you'd have to live across the alley. :) The gardens on my street are so pathetic my feeble buzzed-planting efforts still are the best on the block. I couldn't handle the competition from your gorgeous space. You're welcome for beer anytime. We have GALLONS of it, DH homebrews. Even NUDEEDUDEE and her charming BF like it!

    Kim - Wish you were here!!

  5. You live in Chicago? How funny. I've lived there off and on for almost 6 years, now in San Diego. I wonder if we ever bumped into each other. :)

  6. picture number two looks like total elation after a four hour toy story marathon. i think you know what i'm talking about..