Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'd rather be doing whatever the heck she's doing....

Today I feel overwhelmed, too much to do.  Things to list, things to clean, things to organize, the kid is whiney as all hell and only stops crying if he's in my arms or if "Toy Story" is on.  I do not want to raise a tv zombie.  The pay pal well is dry and needs to be replenished.  I need dough, I need to be a good mother.   I feel like I'm doing everything half assed.  Probably because I am.

I've been in fashion frumpy mode since I don't know when.  I've noticed that the worse I dress, the worse I eat.   Its a vicious cycle.

I have a thousand things to do and would rather be doing whatever this woman is doing.  Check out that coat, the fur cuffs are STRIPED!

Photo from the Chicago Daily News archives circa 1925.  Captioned:  Informal full-length portrait of Peggy Joyce Hopkins, glamour girl and Ziegfeld Follies dance, looking to the left of the camera and holding a floral arrangement, standing in front of a passenger train car in a railroad station in Chicago, Illinois


  1. I hate those days,here's hoping it starts to look up for you!

  2. This woman is actually on her way to see you!

    She is gonna stay awhile and chat and tell you that you are so wonderful.

    She's going to help you feel better about yourself and get excited about looking through your closet with you while you both choose your next amazing outfit.

    Then she's gonna entertain your kiddo for a bit, while you check your PayPal account again and discover a misplaced, forgotten account with Big Bucks sittin in it. (I actually did this once).

    Then this woman is going to take you out to a pleasant restaurant where you will eat a delicious healthy lunch and after that you will spend the rest of the afternoon strolling around the park feeling completely at peace with the world.

    See there, your life really is fantastic!

  3. Thanks! It is nice to have a reminder that there are other women in the same situation. Getting lost in your etsy for a few minutes improved my mood! I'll be pulling out my Madness record soon. Nothing cheers you up like dancing with a 2 year old, unless is the Hokey Pokey for the bazillionth time!

  4. I'm right there with you! There aren't enough hours in the day.

  5. Thank you everyone.

    After I posted this my day just got crappier. The kid had an allergic reaction to some super expensive moisturizer from Whole Foods and then my car crapped out, perhaps permanently.

    Your kind comments made it a bit easier.

    Thank you!

  6. Oh Lady, that stinks! Hang in there~

    Guess you'll be getting some new wheels here soon :.)

    I second Frankie's Wife's idea!! love it.