Friday, March 19, 2010

When Girl Scouts Go Bad - It could happen to you!

Continuing on with the Girl Scout theme for today....

I recently received an email from an ebay customer interested the dress shown below.   I had a great time exchanging emails.  She told me how much she wants an old uniform to run around in and I enjoyed telling her of my adventures of a trashy vintage Girl Scout.   It inspired me to dig through the basement for the above picture.    The identity of my partner in crime is omitted to protect the gainfully employed.

It was The Las Vegas Grind in 1999 (For those not familiar, I believe it was put on by the same people that do Viva Las Vegas, but it was focused on Garage Rock).  The event took place over Halloween weekend and the 31st was Sunday.  We had a blast, but by the end of the night there was one little problem, my friend had booked our flights and we were on the red-eye leaving around midnight or so with a layover in St. Louis.

Now here's the part that REALLY dates the story.

Somehow we were able to get ourselves to the airport despite our unbelievably inebriated state.  Somewhere along the way I had lost the cap to the large bottle of Southern Comfort I was drinking but that didn't stop me from getting through security and boarding the plane.

Let me tell you, being drunk, dressed as a Girl Scout in Las Vegas on Halloween is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.

What isn't funny is waking up in St. Louis on November 1st, reeking of booze, in a bizarre costume with smeared off makeup and having to board a commuter flight to Chicago.

Good Times.

If you'd like to experience the exciting life of a Girl Scout, the following dress is for sale on ebay, under my user name BombshellShocked.   

P.S.  On our recent trip to Florida I lost one of the bakelite hoops pictured above.  I was pretty upset about it at the time, but even more so after seeing this picture.


  1. Ha ha ha! Fantastic! You wouldn't get anywhere with that booze near the aiport now :P

  2. That is a fab little number! I found a great girl scout top by Halston! I haven't worn it yet, you've given me some inspiration.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring into Spring giveaway

  3. OMFG where did you get your Girl Scout leader uniform?!?!?!?!

    I get to wear one when I occasionally am team manager for our girl scout-themed derby team, the Tough Cookies.