Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's more old fashioned than an eBay AUCTION? 1950's dresses!

Boy, you don't see too many of these around anymore.  Honest to goodness ebay AUCTIONS, with low opening bids ($15), no reserves, and 5 buck shipping!

Sizes Small, Medium and Large!

Just 3 days left to go!

Its positively old-timey!

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  1. HIYA Niki!!!!!

    So glad you found my blog, and now I'm so glad I found yours!

    I'm going to be headed Chicago-way in November...hope to squeeze in a visit with you, Sean, and the kidlet!

    P.S: that middle red dress is SO COOOL!


  2. The dress actually doesn't have a label. I turned it inside out because it looks like it was a mass produced dress rather than a homemade one. Maybe one of the previous owners cut the tag out, although, I don't even see any remnants of one.

  3. That second dress is beautiful!! I'm going to go check out your ebay right now!
    Thanks for following me :)
    Lottie x