Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Name is Nicole, I am addicted to sweaters

My name is Nicole and I am addicted to sweaters. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I write that I probably have 60 in my dressers and closet right now. My two favorites are also the two newest. The first was purchased on ebay a couple of weeks ago. It was made by Dalton out of pink cashmere and has the fox fur collar dyed to match. PINK FOX FUR! Just thinking about it gets me slightly woozy. I have been searching for one for years and I still can't quite believe it is mine.

The second I picked up at a shop last week. It is navy blue with fruit beaded on it in white, red and lime green. I haven't quite decided what the fruit is. My first thought was grapes, but someone else guessed strawberries and now I'm almost thinking raspberries. Any way you slice it is more vibrant than any other beaded sweater that I have ever seen.

I love vintage swears. They look great over a fancy dress or a t-shirt and jeans. I'm always telling myself that I'll get rid of some, but it never really happens. Whenever I pick out a couple to sell, I end up realizing how much I like them and they go right back into the closet.


  1. Those berries almost look like Lychee.

  2. My middle name is Nicole and I'm addicted to 1940s playsuits. Particularly SAILOR style! OH MY GOODNESS that is the CUTEST outfit ever!!! I wish it fit me. If it did it would be mine right now. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise I'm going to look like a loon :D

    By the way, gorgeous sweaters! Just beautiful! Isn't it just swell when you finally find something you've been after for ages?

  3. I am loving these sweaters! La'love them!

  4. Hi Nicole!
    thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog :-) so far, I really love yours! I was about to start reading it when I went over to your eBay page and that was it...... I absolutely love the garments you have....especialy the sailor outfit! so cute!
    I'll take to you very soon.

  5. Love those sweaters...especially the pink one! I wouldn't sell a single one..I'd be hoarding them for sure!

  6. OMG, those sweaters are TDF!! I think they are raspberries...
    Oh, how I wish I would've seen that sailor suit earlier, wahhh!

  7. That's a pretty awesome addiction...don't go into rehab. :-)