Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chic Chicago - Vintage Fashion Exhibit

I have no idea why I put of visiting the Chicago History Museum to see the Chic Chicago exhibit. Yesterday I decided that I was long overdue. I packed the kid up, hopped on the bus and headed for Lincoln Park. The plan was to let the kid run wild at the zoo and then I would run to the History Museum to enjoy the exhibit at my leisure. Someone must have been watching over me because everything went smoothly. William ran around "Africa" until he started acting a bit tipsy. I loaded him into the stroller and headed for the nearest restroom to change his diaper, but he couldn't even stay awake long enough to get there. He was PASSED OUT! HOORAY!

I didn't waste a moment getting to the museum. I poked my head into the gift shop to see if I could afford the book before I got my heart set on it. On the bright side I could afford it, on the down side it was only available in paper back. I resisted the urge to peek and hopped on the elevator to the second floor.

From the moment I walked in I was in heaven! A 1948 Dior New Look Dress! THREE 1920's Chanel dresses! An incredible 1937 Schiaparelli Evening Ensemble beaded with a Jean Cocteau design! A Charles James "Butterfly" ball gown from 1954! A 1924 Lanvin Wedding gown! Just to name a few.

What really took my breath away was the 1913 Paul Poiret "Sorbet" evening gown. One of only 3 known to exist this one is the only one that follows the original sketch!

Is it odd to get teary eyed while looking at dresses?

To make the exhibit even more interesting than it already was the stories of the women who wore the gowns were included in the display. It was a great lesson in fashion and Chicago history.

William slept through my very slow perusal of the gowns and I even had time to go take a peek at a couple of the permanent exhibits.

When he finally did wake up I rewarded him with playtime on the el car and the train engine.

If you have the ability come to Chicago and see this exhibit! It was absolutely breathtaking!


  1. Wow! That sounds wonderful! I'd love to see that exhibit! I get teary eyed staring at dresses all the time :P

  2. I would give anything to visit the exhibit! Most people are unaware of Poiret but his clothes were cutting edge for the time...and still are gorgeous to look at. Of course, my all time favorite Christian Dior. You lucky lady you!!

  3. OH! How I would love to go. Too sweet that your little William slept well for you.
    And no, it's not odd to get teary eyed over vintage gowns... well, if it is then we're two oddballs!!

  4. I won't think it's odd for you to get teary-eyed looking at dresses, if you don't think it's odd for me to get teary-eyed *reading* about you looking at those amazing dresses! I think I would've been walking around with my jaw hanging.

    Lucky that the boy slept so nicely!!

    Here's for you, too:

  5. you're very lucky, I would love to see an exhibition like this! and Chicago, well...Chicago.... I'm dreaming about it!!!!!