Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm not the only one wearing vintage...

Finding 1950's vintage boys clothes is pretty hard, but I have plenty of 1970's. I picked up this Heath Tex shirt last week, it reads "Little Cowboy".

I still can't seem to make heads or tails of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's ban on the sale of used children's clothing. I can't imagine a world were I can't thrift shop for my little guy. I was hoping to add the kids vintage that I have been hoarding to my ebay shop but I am waiting to see how the cards fall.


  1. What! What is this ban?

    Love your My Story by the way! And your name is swell! :)

  2. the ban is on hold for a year so we can discuss how to move forth without crippling small business.

    I own a baby boutique, and we were almost demolished by that stupid law.
    I know many thrift stores that will still be carrying baby clothes. dont worry.

  3. Yeah, I so can't imagine a world without thrift stores and I could never imagine owning (I have driven my friends) a mini van!

  4. WHAT a ban!!! I didnt hear of this!!! well there are still estate sales, I better stock up on vintage childrens clothes!!!

  5. Thanks for the info Atomic Mama. I am breathing a sigh of relief! I am glad your business will be ok.